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#Me Too, #Times Up and and @everydaysexism have brought the levels of sexual harassment and abuse long campaigned against by dedicated activists, into the forefront of public consciousness. The Equality and Human Rights Commission recent response (2018) to two large surveys on sexual harassment in the workplace is to recommend a mandatory duty on employers to prevent it. Meanwhile domestic abuse is estimated to cost the UK economy £66 billion p.a.  

Our approach

Yet responsibility for speaking out cannot rest with those victimised. Abuse, violence and inequality is an issue for all of us.
Kindling’s mission is changing cultures that legitimise and facilitate sexual harassment, violence and abuse, and the harms that arise from inequalities and discrimination 

Our approach is to create and deliver bespoke evidence-based bystander leadership programmes to cultivate knowledge and skills to intervene effectively in order to promote gender equality, inclusivity and equality in workplaces and other settings. 

Where bystander training is rooted in the shared values of the organisation or setting, the effect is the creation of a strong group culture where people feel empowered to look out for one another and back each other up when . 

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