Why Us?

Truly bespoke

We work with you to create a tailor-made package. Part of this involves identifying your ethos and what makes your organisation unique. This becomes central to your bespoke programme. We also conduct research within your organisation to better understand your needs and goals. This might involve focus groups, interviews and questionnaires. This way we can craft authentic and relevant training scenarios specific to your organisation and sector.

Evidenced and evidence-led

We are leaders in our field. Since 2014 we have been designing, delivering and evaluating our bystander programmes. This work has since been published in peer reviewed journals (See the evidence (hyperlink to evidence)).

Rigorously evaluated

As part of our research, we look at how effective our training is by measuring changes in our participants’ attitudes, beliefs, confidence, and ability to intervene before and after the training. We also offer metrics of behaviour change by measuring the amount of interventions made pre and post training.

Creating positive group norms

It only takes one person to start positive culture change. Bystander intervention encourages people to speak up and break cultures of silence. This approach mobilises people to create positive organisational change.

To foster empathy and connection

We recognise the humanity of the ‘wrongdoer’. Intervening does not mean shaming, blaming or pointing a finger. Our work gives participants the tools to positively and respectfully intervene  in different circumstances and power dynamics. We  also recognize that we must be fully open to being called-in ourselves. Our training orients participants to being able to receive critical feedback as a gift or signpost – helping us in the direction we wish to travel.

A holistic approach

We position bystander intervention as a critical component of creating a more equal world. But we recognize more is needed. In our policy review and consultancy work (hyperlink to policy review) we challenge the organisations we work with to go beyond training and embed a whole–organisation holistic approach.

“Great facilitators, great materials, mix of styles and resources, good pace”

“lots of real- life examples; kind and experienced approach from trainers”

The explanatory material was powerful and thought provoking, the role plays brought it all to life and gave tools to use in real life scenarios – fantastic!

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