Universities have recently attracted significant public attention for all the wrong reasons. Current challenges include:

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct



Disparities in student recruitment, retention and attainment

A lack of diversity and representation of women and minorities in leadership. 

Inequitable power dynamics

Yet universities also represent the potential for positive change. Research shows that bystander approaches are most effective in organisations where group identities and culture are strong – like universities. Universities also offer the possibility to harness the benefits of multiple training methods. For example, training can be delivered to multiple levels of the organisation and reinforced through poster campaigns, public talks, web content and news features supporting the topic. Again, research shows that a whole system approach utilising multiple methods is the most effective at achieving community-level change.

What we offer

For Students:

Our student bystander intervention training is evidence-led and sector leading. Depending on organisational need this can be tailored to address sexual harm and intimate partner abuse, racism and racial microaggressions and/or harms associated with multiple axes of difference.

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For Staff: 

Our core offer for university staff is the bystander at work package tailored to the university setting. See our Bystander at Work page for more information.

A holistic approach (our recommendation):

In addition to training for students and staff, we offer:

  • Policy and procedure review
  • Coordinated messaging and campaigns
  • Speak Out Champion training
  • Specialist HR / student cases external investigation and investigator training

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